Friday, March 7, 2014

1954 Preferred Products Andy Pafko

This 8x10 manila folder colored portrait was originally issued in a set of 12 from the Preferred Products company in 1954. Preferred Products also produced patches (say that three times fast) of the Braves which could be sewn or ironed on. Included in the set are Hall of Famers Eddie Mathews and Warren Spahn. In an article by Bob Lemke, Preferred Products was supposed to have an exclusive deal with the Milwaukee Braves' players and in turn sued them when they found out they had made deals with Johnston Cookies and Spic-n-Span. I will feature those cards of Andy in an upcoming post.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Andy Pafko note on personal stationary

Check out this hand written note to a "Dave" regarding a Dodgers card show and reunion. I don't know when or where this reunion took place but I'd bet maybe New York or somewhere on the East Coast.

As you can see the note is written on personal "A note from Andy Pafko" stationary.

Here's the text of the letter:

Dear Dave

Enclosed are the signed 100 photo's. Thanks for having me appear at the Dodger card show and reunion. Thanks again and looking forward to future shows.

Regards Andy

If there's anyone out there that can share information about the card show Andy mentions, I'd love to hear about your experience.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

1999 All-Cenury Team - Old Style Chicago Cubs Stadium Giveaway

In the 1999 season, the Cubbies gave these cards away during three different home games at Wrigley Field. The Standard Catalog of Baseball cards put's this Pafko at Card #13 (even though the card says #48, which would be Andy's uniform number). The cards were released in three lots of seven, which, according to my University of Maryland math skills, this card would have been distributed on the
andy pafko old style 1999 chicago cubs stadium giveaway
second day since there are 21 in the set. I picked this gem up on the bay; paid more than I wanted to but I hadn't seen another like it and besides, it feature's a very clean autograph. It's actually a clean card, especially for 1999 when everything was foil, shiny or otherwise looked like the opening sequence of Saved by the Bell.  The back of the card, like the front, is clean and includes highlight's of Andy's Cubs career. The picture looks similar to the 1947 Bond Bread issue and Exhibits issue, perhaps from the same session? If anybody knows what day this card was distributed, please let me know.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baseball Cards in the Movies

Baseball cards have made appearances in several movies in recent years. In this post, I hope to identify every movie in which a card has appeared on screen or was somehow played a role in the film in which it's featured.

1952 Topps Andy PafkoObviously, since this is an Andy Pafko Collector blog, I will start out with the 1952 Topps Andy Pafko card which plays a role in the 2010 film Cop Out starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

Bruce Willis is plays a cop that needs to come up with $48K to pay for his daughter's wedding, in order to get that money he needs to sell his 1952 Pafko. The card is shown in several shots of the movie and is even talked about as being in "Gem Mint" condition. I won't ruin the movie for you but I'll tell you that the card ends up in less than mint condition.

Alan Alda of M*A*S*H fame along with Ferris Bueller's and
War Games star Matthew Broderick star in Diminished Capacity, a 2008 film about dealing with Alzheimer's. Alan Alda's character is trying to sell a T206 Frank Wildfire Schulte. The two end up at a Chicago card show and run into an unsavory dealer who looks a lot like the Mr. Mint guy you see in hobby publications.

Although not a very popular film, 1993's Ruby Cario (a.k.a Deception) had an all-star cast featuring Andie MacDowell, Liam Neeson and Viggo Mortensen. Several baseball cards make an appearance in this film and actually serve as part of the plot. Mortensen's character disappears which causes MacDowell to try and find out what happened. She finds a stack of baseball cards which have several elements on the backs of the cards circled or otherwise annotated which lead her around the globe. It took me some pausing to figure out which cards played a role but they are the following: 1965 Topps Bill Maseroski #95, 1967 Topps Orlando Cepeda #20, 1985 Topps Onix Concepcion #697, 1959 Topps Don Mueller #368, 1960 Topps Bobby Thomson #153, 1973 Topps Milt Pappas #70, 1961 Topps Rocky Nelson #304, 1962 Topps Harvey Haddix #67 and finally, 1981 Topps Manny Sanguillen #226. I'm not entirely sure why these cards were picked for the film, perhaps that was in the director's shoebox? Mortensen's character does mention being a Pittsburgh Pirate's fan so that explains a few of them. Although I didn't like the ending, the idea of baseball cards being used as clues in a movie is a winner with me.

It wasn't shown on screen but in the film Enchanted, a couple is seen arguing in the presence of a divorce lawyer played by Patrick Dempsey. The couple is discussing who will get custody of a 1954 Hank Aaron RC.
These are all that I know of personally, if anybody knows of anymore please let me know!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

1953 Bowman Black & White #57

1953 Andy Pafko Black and White 57
1953 Bowman Black & White Andy Pafko
The Bowman black and white is a result of production quality cutbacks at the Bowman factory. The 1953 Bowman color set was a very expensive set to produce thus the last 64 cards in the set, which is considered to be it's own set, was printed in black and white. Unlike it's brother in color, the 1953 black and white set is pretty boring visually. According to The Bubble Gum Card War: The Great Bowman & Topps Sets from 1948 to 1955 The black and white photos themselves are a result of using negatives from a color photo and producing a black and white image from it. This makes sense as the pictures almost seem like the color was removed from the picture in contrast to a set that was meant to be black and white such as the 1940 Play Ball set. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quaker Muffetts Pafko Scorekeeper Baseball Ring

Andy Pafko Scorekeeper Baseball Ring

Andy Pafko Scorekeeper Baseball Ring
Something useful from a cereal box? How about this 1949 Andy Pafko baseball ring which you can use to keep track of the game score? According to the ad, it's made of "strong bright-yellow all-metal". Looking at a recent ended auction, this piece stayed in pretty good shape for 60+ years. Back in 1949, all you needed was a box top from Quaker Muffets, a shredded wheat cereal, along with 15 cents (in coin, no checks, money orders, plastic or paypal!). Today, you'll pay around 90 bucks for one. It's actually a very nice premium with the embossed baseball player and a very accurate signature. Muffets is 100% shredded wheat, chock full of vitamins and minerals...thus such a nice premium, anything to get the kids to eat this stuff!